Sunday, February 13, 2011


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I can only flickr post one at a time, so you get the tame shot. We'll turn 'em inside out next time.

Stats (that I can remember)
Thrummed mittens
improvised mitten pattern, learned how to thrum from a kit I bought
Cascade 220 (185yd approx)
Fleece sampler from Rhinebeck, approx 45g.
US3 for cuffs, US6 for mitt
Gusset thumb
Feb 1 - Feb 11
Star decrease at the top and thumb

There isn't enough fleece in the fingertips, so I'm going to take some leftover white from another project and secure it in there. Other than that, they're ever so toasty ;-)

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Kaye said...

I swear I had a pair of mittens like that in the 80s! LOL! Love them!