Friday, February 18, 2011

The longest viral incubation period ever.

Hubby had this cold about 6 weeks ago. N. started on it last weekend, and is finally over it. This morning, my head feels like a pumpkin and I want to go back to bed. And I had no inkling of it last night when I turned in. By the time we're through, it'll have been in the house for somewhere around two months. Bleck. I apologize for choppy thoughts, my brain no work so good.

This morning was definitely not the best for self pity, though. To start off, I had a very recalcitrant toddler due to blood sugar issues. He went to bed happily last night, and slept really well (no more cough, hallaylooyerrrrr), but hadn't eaten a lot for supper. When he wakes up hungry, there's a threshold that he hits sometimes - if he's too hungry, then he's too grumpy and cranky to eat, and it spirals out of control. It was an hour long fight just to get him to drink some milk, let alone the rare treat of juice (which would've helped even more). We wrestled him into his duds for the day and barely made the bus.

Top that off with a fire alarm when I was dropping him off at daycare, and he was totally unimpressed. Having a teacher rip you from Momma's arms (with my blessing - he was signed in, and legally they had to take him) made him very sad, but I feel good knowing that they can clear the building in 29 seconds. I just cried when I got to the lab because he was so sad.

Fast forward an hour or so, and I'm here at work pulling oligos for my replacement researcher. After that's done, I'm going to call daycare to check in on him, and then I just might go for a walk. They're calling for 59º today (it's 53º already), and it feels like spring. I'm hoping it'll knock this virus out of my head before it settles any lower.

If N. is good for the day, I might head home... there are a bazillion dishes to be done, and I was bad and started another project last night... I'm obsessed with thrums, so I pulled out more fleece and did some thrumming while Hubby finished a paper. I might just thrum and store, rather than begin the mittens right away, but we'll see.

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