Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm a bad person.

I skipped out on a potential meeting time today (to talk about the handoff of samples to the new me in the other lab taking over my damn project) for no other reason than I didn't feel like it.

No, that's not exactly true. The other reason I didn't go is because nobody is paying me to be there.

The email came through last minute, and this new tech has a very uncertain schedule, so there was an entire back-and-forth about how all these times might work, including today's, but that she wouldn't know about next weeks until next week.

It was left at a point where they think 3:30 on Monday will work. Except that it won't. The busses are running super late because of the lack of snow removal (don't ask), so I have to be on the first run of the night line to our neighborhood to avoid waiting for 45 minutes and taking a 60 minute ride. That bus pulls out at 4:00, meaning I have to get N. at 3:30 to have enough time to gather mittens, snowpants, lunchbags, etc.

Could I take a later bus? Sure. Am I going to? I don't know yet. I was hoping to keep N. home with me for a couple of days, namely Monday and Friday... but we'll see.

On the knitting front, the Duffer slippers are still waiting to be felted more. They feel great, but are still too big. If they don't felt, I'm going to have to sew them up at some point and MAKE them fit, because they're ever so soft and comfy.

I also worked on my super secret project, which I can only do a little at a time. It's Cascade 220 on US4's, which hurts like hell after about an hour. I'm picking it up on average of once every 2 weeks, and working on other stuff in between.

Although, the evenings lately are mainly reserved for the bedtime fight. I'm desperately hoping this is a phase and will burn out in a week, because it's exhausting ;-)

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