Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Dude. Monsieur le Malade is still sleeping, going on near 4 hours now, likely because he barely slept last night. I of course stayed home again today...

But, since I hear him stirring a bit, this will be quick... today is a shoutout to my source of all things good... check out the cookie recipes (I just made the sugar cookies during said 4 hour nap and they're awesome)... plus I won a copy of the spring pattern collection from Knitcircus :-) I'm determined to make myself a hat that doesn't look like ass, and my next step is a beret style, so I'm going to get birthday yarn for Kalmia when the budget allows in the next few weeks or so. Bezzie rocks :-)

Ok... off to administer ibuprofen and pedialyte, methinks.

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