Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow day/sick day

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This poor little tractor was supposed to be cleaning the driveway between our house and next door... and it took him 45 minutes to get out of this predicament. It pretty much sums up snow removal in the city - a whole bunch of not getting anywhere.

I'm home today (joy, bliss) because N. woke up with a raging case of pinkeye and can't return to daycare until >24hrs after treatment begins... which means Monday. He's *not* sleeping at the moment, even though we had to trudge through snow three times today to get to the busses that took us to the clinic.

I'm not optimistic about getting this last experiment done before Monday, though. I had to stay home yesterday because the busses weren't running and I can't superplow a stroller through snowbanks as much as I'd like to. I'm home today, and that leaves Monday to get about a weeks' worth of stuff done. I can't legally work on our organism after Jan 31 because we're BL2 biosafety... which means I have no idea what'll happen. I'm still going to work a few extra hours to finish up the lab books, but that's not as huge.

Not that it matters much, I suppose. The entire project is going to another lab that works in a different organism, so they'll have their own set of problems :-P

Yesterday I started another Boteh in Noro Silk Garden Sock from my stash just because I could... and got up to the final motif before bed. I was hoping to get the border done this afternoon but it sounds like I might be on entertainment duty. "Not time to sleep, Momma! WAKEY WAKEY!!!"

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