Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow day

Hubby left his laptop at home and trudged into the lab about an hour ago, and I'm home with N... daycare is operating on barter because they're really low on staff - if you want your kid watched for the day, you need to give an hour of your time. The highways were closed by the state til 10am, and the roads are horrible. We decided to stay put because the shuttles aren't running, and with the snow piling up from three separate storms, I can't even use a stroller.

So, we went outside for a little bit, walked to the market on the corner to get some more milk, and are having a pj day. I'm hoping that a nap is in our future, but I'm not optimistic.

Hubby took the camera to capture some of the chaos (people who didn't dig their cars out three weeks ago are going through hell right now), but I have photos from yesterday of the Boteh I made for SIL:

Boteh for RL
Trekking Maxxima
Size E hook (because I couldn't find my F)
16 motifs, used the called-for dc for the border (I use sc when making it out of noro to stretch yardage)
Jan 10 - Jan 22

And now I have to go and run this child in circles for an hour to tire him out ;-)

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