Sunday, January 30, 2011

A quiet Sunday...

Hubby is in the lab, N. decided to nap (after a very stern talking-to by Daddy when he started throwing toys around his room), and I've already baked banana muffins... I need to fold the laundry before N. wakes up (I just heard him stirring, damn, he's only been sleeping for a half hour), and then it'll probably be sewing. I'm not keen on doing more 2x2 rib on my brother's scarf, even though I should, so we'll see.

It looks like we're going to get hit with another storm this week... I'm not sure what to think, except that I'm happy the city started tagging and towing cars so that they can clean up what's still there before we get another foot. Not that it'll make too much of a difference - Monday is theoretically my last day, so if daycare is cancelled, it's not a big deal ;-)

Ok... off I go to take my scattered brain into the laundry. Child, please stay asleep just a little longer!

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