Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Off to peds...

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(my boo-boo with his new haircut)

I'm supposed to be working after a long weekend, but it's off to pediatrics I go... not sure if we have an ear infection, but *someone* was out of sorts this morning, which never happens.

Fingers crossed for a quick visit.

ETA: Not an ear infection... nothing to worry about, thank goodness. Just a little side-effect from potty training, and I'll leave it at that to spare you the details. The visit took 20 minutes. The bus ride there and back took about 2 hours. The roads here are super icy today. Here's to hoping I can get out early.

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Kaye said...

I'm confused as to the real reason. I'm a mommy, I can take it! LOL!

I hope things went OK at the peds office. I always try to restrain Mooch from touching anything in there. He comes BACK from the dr. with more sickness than he came in with!