Wednesday, January 5, 2011

nappity nap nap

So sleepy...
The child slept at daycare yesterday, for most of the nap period. And went to sleep early. And woke up at a decent hour. Why do I even bother to predict? I'll just photograph, because there's something about sleeping kids that returns them all to this indeterminate age that can only be described as "my baby!"

I managed to finish Hubby's mittens last night, watching V and drinking tea. He wore them this morning, and proclaimed them very comfy and warm. I need to make myself some next; my black gloves don't do much to keep my hands warm once they get the cold inside them.

Doing a rough count, if I count projects finished in 2010, I'm somewhere up around 25. I may be cheating and counting N.'s hat and scarf as two projects, and each pair of mittens as a unique project, but even if I group them, it's somewhere around 20. Not too bad, methinks.

But, it's time to get back to my experiments; knit class at the daycare is resuming for a quick session tonight and I don't want to be late :)

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