Wednesday, January 19, 2011

If you don't want TMI about toddlers, skip to the photo ;-)

Since enquiring minds want to know ;-) Read on at your own risk...

Potty training results in getting a better idea how things are looking, and we were dealing with some pretty cloudy productions for about a week. We were worried about bladder/kidney/UT issues. Turns out it's most likely just normal residue, and I'll leave it at that because I don't want g00gle coming here for nasty reasons. He graciously provided a sample, and they're testing it this week.

The reason I decided to bring him in yesterday was because he was a demon pod-person from the time he woke up until we got to daycare. Behaviour changes mean one of two things: 1. language development is coming down the pike, or 2. he's got an infection brewing. He's been developing lately at a super fast rate, though, so I'm going back to assuming it's option 1. And hope to hell he didn't pick up anything while we were there ;-) Luckily it was very empty because of the crappy weather, and the only other patients waiting were newborn babies there for their weekly checkups.

We came home early yesterday because of some nasty ice and freezing rain, and had THREE potty successes, so all in all it was a good day.


Today, however, the roads are still icy, my boss isn't here, and I have no idea what part of his experiment I'm supposed to be continuing with. I was going to go and do some (technically non-work related) photocopying, but someone is hogging the copy/break room ;-) I'm not optimistic about any sort of productivity, work or otherwise, today.

Last night was pretty good, though. I'm halfway through the border of my latest Boteh, although I didn't do any work on the tree skirt; dragging 33lb of toddler back and forth through ice and snow to bus stops and daycare and home three times more than usual kicked my butt and I went to bed early. I also have to admit that I buckled and ordered some felt from the other day. I want to make a few toys for my niece's birthday, and it's supposed to show up by Friday.

So, off I go to wrestle with DNA sequence again, and track my UPS packages. I'm hoping there's decaf at the cafeteria to get me through.

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