Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I knit, but I also have an almost-three-year-old.

I haz a mitten. I haz 0.6 of anudder one in my knittin bag.

So. This post has little to do with knitting and lots to do with toddlers. Which keep me from knitting at home.

Today, it's the nap. And, incidentally, when does N. go from being a toddler to being a preschooler, or just a plain kid? Not that he'd ever be a plain kid.

Where was I? Oh, the nap. The bane of my existence.

N. is a good sleeper. He's like his parents - mornings are for sleeping away, and nights are for productive or hyper time. I remember the morning ages ago when I went to get him up for breakfast, and he cracked one eye, closed it, and turned over, when he said, "Five more minutes Momma". He used to nap quite consistently, and I relished my weekend afternoon quiet time.

Now, not so much. At daycare, it's been hit or miss since September, maybe 50% of the time. Over the Christmas break, he didn't nap on Christmas Day but did every other day, at a decent hour and for a good length, so I was hopeful.

Then Saturday and Sunday - no nap. Yesterday at daycare - he fell asleep 5 minutes before wake-up time (they're usually down by 1pm, up by 3pm).

There is a bonus to this: earlier bedtime. I'm just not sure I'm willing to give up my Saturday afternoon quiet time for an extra hour in the evenings.

I also find it hilarious that I think I'm in any way in control of the whole thing. Kids have some control over just three things in their worlds: when they eat, when they potty, and when they sleep. You can't force them to do any of those things when they really don't want to.

He pulled the no-weekend nap thing for a while about six months ago, and I stressed about it. This time, I'm going to be more zen. In the afternoons, if you don't sleep, you still rest.

We'll see how that goes ;-)

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