Sunday, January 16, 2011

I am slowly going crazy...

Last night, after finishing everything that goes directly on the green border that's not a felt applique (green sequins, a few white sequins, some stem embroidery), the next step up was to sew the border pieces (4 of them) onto the main red piece. In tiny overlock stitch. I spent over an hour and a half on it and got 80% of the way around (although that did include pinning). And that's just the outside edge of the border. I still have to 'lightly' stuff it and sew the inner edge.

Things I learned yesterday:

1. Patience.
2. When the kit says to cut all floss into 18" lengths, don't do it. I'm experienced enough that I can handle a yard of floss at a time (duh) and it would've meant half as many start-and-stops.
3. I can appreciate the meditative nature of sewing again, even the long, boring border :-)

ETA: Today I learned that staring at bright red felt next to green felt, in very bright natural light, makes weird after-images in my eyeballs that are rather psychedelic. I'm hoping to finish this damn border soon so I can do more fun things like sequins and beads ;-)

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