Thursday, January 13, 2011

How I spent my snow day...

Helping Daddy
The phone rang at 6am to tell us daycare was closed, so we made our calls to continue on the phone tree and went back to bed for an hour...

N. and Hubs played outside for a while in the morning, which resulted in a very hungry (and very sleepy) little boy. After lunch, he slept for almost 3 hours without so much as a peep.

After doing just enough cleaning to keep me from feeling guilty, I sat down with Hubby at the kitchen table. He worked on some lab notes, and I pulled out the tree skirt kit that I bought last year (and hadn't touched). There are literally hundreds of pieces of felt to cut out and applique, and sequins and beads and embroidery, and it was so overwhelming last January that I stuffed it in a closet. After my new shipment of supplies showed up last week, I got organized and decided to give it a go.

about 1/10th of the instructions, coding for beads, sequins, felt, etc etc etc.

This is going to be a real stretch for me, because it's not a project that can be done in an afternoon, or a weekend, or even a month. I realized that I can't just jump in with both feet and go crazy; the instructions are very detailed, methodical, and laid out in a very specific way (which makes more sense this year than it did last). Things have to be done in order, and it's obviously not portable. But, if I take it in stages, there's no reason it can't be done.

I don't often knit at home, but I found myself using my spare time when N. was asleep to just watch TV or surf the web for a little bit. Not exactly productive. I wanted something different to work on, so I bit the bullet.

So, whenever Hubby sat down to work, I sat with him. Instead of taking my butt to the livingroom, I started this kit. I'd cut out the main skirt and the four large green border pieces the night before, and yesterday's task was to sew on green sequins using clear 11/0 seed beeds to secure them.

Each little bit of sewing and assembly is something that requires patience and attention. I can knit fairly mindlessly once I have a pattern down (except for worsted yarn on size 4's; don't ask), but this can't be rushed. Over the course of the day I may have gotten 100 sequins sewn on. It doesn't look like much, but it was thoroughly enjoyable.

If I can get it done by this Christmas, it'll be pretty sweet :-)

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Kaye said...

That'll be an amazing skirt!

So glad your N likes the snow. Hub took my N (i.e. Moochie!) outside yesterday and he HATED the snow. Guess that's my punishment for not having my babies in Alaska! LOL!