Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gearing up for another one...

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We're supposed to get hit with another storm tonight/tomorrow, and no one can seem to agree on when it's coming or how much we're getting. It's doubly hilarious to me because there's something in me that is DESPERATE to get this last experiment completed before Feb 1st.

I was hoping it wouldn't start until tonight, but as of a few minutes ago, the warning begins at 10AM... fifteen minutes from now. Do I even bother to start? There's nothing falling yet, but the sky is really dark...

I'm also supposed to have a PTA meeting at lunchtime, which I volunteered for before realizing that I would be unemployed...more time to be a pain in the other parents' asses, I guess. I have a hunch that the meeting will go forward, but that everyone will be sent home after.

If it starts early, hopefully it'll finish early. The last thing I want is to be trudging through the snow before they plow tomorrow morning.

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