Saturday, January 15, 2011

Finally, some photos

Knitting first... I decided to try a pair of colorwork mittens with some of the palette I had leftover from my last Knitpicks order:

Xtreme Closeup!

My colorwork looks better than it actually is when you zoom in... I've sorted out a decent hold for both yarns in my left hand, but my tension is much looser than my regular knitting. I'm going to keep going, and hope that it blocks out.

Next up:

This is for my SIL, made of Trekking Maxima. I made one for my mother and my other (future) SIL in Silk Garden Sock, but 1. Knit was out of Noro sock yarns and 2. None of the color combinations are really something that SIL would like. The Trekking is a little more refined, and this color (which is much more golden brown and less pinky; sort of like a tiger eye stone with blue here and there) is perfect with most of her wardrobe. It's going to be a late Xmas/early birthday present.

And finally, la piece de resistance:

This is the photo from the kit. So many felties...

Seventeen colors of floss...

The felt pieces are all numbered... and go up to 120. Which wouldn't be so bad, except there are multiples of most numbers... for example:

Piece #35? There are SIXTY of them.

It is well laid out - here is the sheet of white pieces:

Yes, I will be cutting them all out. One. at. a. time.

So, I'm taking it one step at a time. First up: Green sequins.


Next up is some embroidery directly onto the green border, then various kinds of leaves. I've sent the boys out to play in the snow again to ensure maximum naptime. The dishwasher just finished, and I'll make lunch before I set up. Here's to a productive afternoon!

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Kaye said...

Ha ha! I saw the kit picture and thought maybe you had morphed into superwoman overnight! LOL!