Sunday, January 23, 2011

Buckeye and Pie Day

The blueberries are still in the fridge, while the shortening chills for the crust and the butter softens for the topping...

During the baking discussion on Friday, the kids also mentioned my peanut butter bars (a pretty standard, and easy, recipe from kraft). This lab has an obsession with peanut butter, and I think it was reinforced a few years ago when one of the grad students hated the stuff, so it was a forbidden treat. She graduated a year or so ago, and since then, it's all PB all the time. I've made those bars for them three times in the past few months, and they always go fast.

At lunch on Friday, K. and her wife asked if I'd heard about Buckeyes, which I had... so I decided, because she was awesome enough to bring me blueberries and butter, that I would make some. I have no photos, but I used this recipe, with a smaller scoop (and 4oz of additional chocolate), and ended up with 82. And it took every single molecule of that chocolate because I couldn't be bothered to dig more out and melt it. Luckily it was leftover from my holiday ingredient stash, and had been bought at super discount, making them cheaper (chocolate is expensive, even when you don't get the gourmet stuff).

I decided to do the Buckeyes this morning and the pie later because the pie doesn't require the loud electric mixer and is therefore more nap-friendly ;-)

ETA: Sure, making pie is silent because wooden spoons and pastry cutters don't make any noise, but it doesn't make a damn bit of difference if your 2 1/2 year old is in his bedroom kicking and jumping and singing anyway. Sigh. So much for sewing this afternoon. ;-)

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