Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday Random Photo Day.

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I got nothin. I had about 20mL of caffeine yesterday to try and stave off a migraine, but I'm still determined to kick the habit. Very tired today, but no headache.

This pic has nothing to do with anything, except for the fact that I haven't posted any Rhinebeck pictures and we're going on two months now. This was the qivuit they had on sale for $76.50 an ounce. I smooshed it, it was weightless and loverly, but I can't see how anyone can pay that for yarn ;-) If you have money to burn maybe, but then you don't need warm qivuit things to keep you toasty - you just burn your money.

Knitting class is supposed to be tonight, but I'm guessing most people won't show - we're getting too close to the holiday and everyone's super busy.

OH. Just remembered I had something to report - I finished N.'s mittens last night and he wore them this morning. I was very pleased with them for being an improvised pattern. I'll take pics soon.

And now I have to pour my gel so I can get it loaded before lunch. I'm desperately trying to help Miss L. get her crochet project done before Christmas, and it's getting close.

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