Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A totally unrelated photo post

(there were many llamas at Rhinebeck, and they all had 'tude)
Things I discovered in the last 24 hours:
  • I can bake 13 dozen cookies in one night.
  • My boss and his wife like my cookies so much that they take what I give them, freeze them immediately, and dole them out like special treasures, every couple of days, as long as they can make them last.
  • People like getting baked goods. I like giving them. It's nice to know that I gave away 144 cookies and only have 12 left. Hungry, but nice ;-)
  • My son is likely going to be slapped in the face a lot one day. The daycare teachers have always said he was affectionate, but he's taken it to another level. All the kids pat the belly of the pregnant teacher, but it turns out N. likes to motorboat when he gives hugs. This has nothing to do with cookies or llamas, it just made me laugh really hard when they told me this morning.

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