Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday is still random...

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I'm trying to find photos to use as jumping-off points, but I'm not finding much... more to take, more to upload, I guess.

It's finally dipping below freezing here, meaning I had to break out the Clapotis, and N. is faithfully wearing his mittens and hat. Sometimes he refuses, then gets outside for about two minutes and looks up at me, "Momma, my hands are COLD!" ;-)

I'm looking forward to lunch today, even though there'll be no knitting... Hubby's lab plus assorted spouses are going out for sushi at this wonderful place downtown. I've been four times since discovering them in the spring, and it's fantastic. Totally non-traditional, but oh so nom nom nom. One of the girls knows the owner, so we usually just go in, say "make something delicious for $15/person" and get a feast... I've been waiting for this all week. Time to finish making media so I can go.

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