Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sleeping the rest of vacation away...

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Well, not really. I'm at work today, and was here yesterday morning too. Hubs and I are splitting days because of daycare being closed, trying to keep stuff going. It looks like I'm employed til the end of Jan (shocker? not sure.) so I have to do things like run gels and set up PCRs and stuff tip boxes (which make no sense to the non-sciency) ;-)

I've got 2/3 of one mitten done for Hubby, and am working on a super secret project for Little Bro. I also have thrums done for a pair of mitts for myself, and a bunch of fleece that's waiting to either be more thrums or some practice spinning. I'll try to take pics of everything, and of the beautiful needle case Hubby got me (with some assistance from the ladies at the LYS).

I just placed my annual after-Christmas craft supply sale order, and I'm hoping not much of it is on back-order. I did pretty well with handmade gifts this year, even if it was just an ornament or two, up to hats and scarves; I managed to send something for each sub-set of the family - Big Bro & Co., Little Bro & Co., Mom and Dad, Goddaughter & her brothers out west, Best Friend. I want to get a jump this year, especially if I end up at home for a few months - N. can help if we pull him out of daycare ;-)

And now I have to load a gel... I need to get out of here in time for Hubby to get back and have a good block of time to work.

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