Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas knitting...

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(hat sent from my mother - my brothers wore it when they were little)

I've started the scarf to go with my little brother's hat (completed a few days ago)... and I did some quick math: at lunch, I average 20 min/inch, or 3 inches/hour. Finishing it at that rate will take 18 more hours. He's not getting a scarf until after Christmas.

I'm trying to finish mittens for N., because the ones he has now aren't the best for staying on. I improvised one, and hopefully will be able to make sense of my notes for a second.

I wish I could make stuff for everyone, N.'s teachers, my boss, all my relatives... but once I pushed through a few, I realized I'm not that fast. Combine that with the fact that the parcels for people living away need to be mailed ASAP, and I think I'm done with gift knitting.

Baking, however, is still on the agenda :-)

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