Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday miscellany

My boys
The weather is better today, none of this torrential rain... we even had snow briefly yesterday morning, but I just don't want to think about it yet...

I'm starting to get in the holiday spirit, though, so maybe a little snow isn't such a bad thing. We're probably not doing a huge Thanksgiving celebration, pretty much the same as last year, but turkey is just the lead-in to Christmas.

I feel like I've got less free time to plan things this year, but I'm working on it. I'd like to do at least a few kinds of cookies, and I picked up an extra cookie sheet to help make it happen. My apartment oven is tiny, and I only had one square 14"x15" that would fit in, so when Mom was here we picked up a second one. Combined with my pizza pan, I should be able to get assembly-lines going.

We have a lot of decorations that we gathered last year, so that part should be easier. Our tiny tree will take up residence in the corner, I have several strings of lights, and of course a couple of new ornaments have already been tucked away. I can't wait to put stuff up, but I'm not sure how N. will do this year - he's a big fan of grabbing stuff, and it's not just random grabbing like last year. We managed to take the gates down from around the TV, and he's stopped frigging with the DVD player, so hopefully it won't take too long.

(How the heck did this post get over to Christmas so quickly?)

Random subject change - tomorrow night is my little 'learn to knit' class at N.'s daycare, and after checking in with the director to confirm the location, it turns out that it's not just one night, but several ;-) I should've known not to volunteer myself because it always gets out of hand... although truthfully I'm looking forward to it. If even a few of them catch on and like it, then it can morph from a class to just a little knitting group, which will eventually go on without me. But that's getting ahead of myself, I guess.

I'll try to get some photos, and hopefully be able to report back on some success stories :-) And now, coffee. It's all about the coffee.

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