Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tired. and broke.

We went for groceries etc. directly after work yesterday, since Dad is here with his car... and it was exhausting, and I think we spent every penny we had. N. was good while we were out, but it riled him up so much he didn't sleep til nearly 10:30PM. While we were waiting for him to doze off, we were chatting, and of course that lasted until nearly midnight.

I'm still trying to seriously reduce my coffee intake, and the exhaustion is setting in. If I get past this and get a few good nights' worth of sleep, it should be better, but for now I just want to crawl into bed. Either that, or go off the wagon; I nearly jumped someone in the caf who was leaving with six large coffees on a tray for her coworkers.

The good news is that the Swallowtail is nearly done - two more rows then a castoff. I'm hoping to knock it out tonight, pin it, and maybe give it to Miss L. tomorrow.

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