Friday, November 26, 2010

Post turkey quiet day

I'm blogging from my little putt-putt of a laptop, since Hubby had to work today, so no pics...

N. is asleep, earlier than usual (a long story involving a deathly fear of vacuum cleaners and the threat of said devil machine), and my dad is dozing off in the other room. The dishwasher is running (have I ever mentioned how much I love my dishwasher?) and I have the daunting task of digging out the Christmas decorations from the back of the storage closet.

Not that I'm complaining ;-)

The second I turned on the radio this morning, the holiday music was in full swing. And after such a good day yesterday, I'm willing to let the spirit in, so to speak :-P We took a quick run to Walmart yesterday out of sheer boredom, and while it was empty, I was a little surprised to see they'd set out the barricades outside the entrance. You know, the ones that are supposed to force hundreds of people to queue properly and snake up towards the door in an orderly fashion? That was a little scary. Combined with the mounds of merchandise that were piled in the aisles with signs saying, "Not for purchase until Friday", I decided staying home was the best option. We then had a really great turkey dinner, and a nice multi-way phone call with Mom and Little Bro and JR, so it was a pretty good Thanksgiving all in all.

And now I'm going to stop rambling because I have coffee and about 2 more hours of quiet, and I want to make the most of it :-)

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Kaye said...

Walmart was covering their butt. Two years ago on Black Friday that employee was trampled to death on Long Island. yikes! Mooch is afraid of the vacuum too--glad he's not the only one!