Thursday, November 4, 2010

One photo, one post

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(which in my geeky brain immediately switches to one gene, one enzyme, and that statement is long since proven inaccurate, so I don't know why I keep going there. I just wish flickr would let me double up on photos in a single blog entry.)

Ahem. Where was I?

So, it's pouring rain here, and I have to sit in my little hideyhole of an office and work on DNA sequence. And my brain is foggy because a) I haven't finished my coffee, b) my coffee isn't with me because my office is in a BL2 state regulated lab, and c) I'm still fighting this bronchitis and I don't sleep as well as I should.

(Aside: we just bought new pillows at Ikea of all places, and they're actually the best ones I've tried in a while).

Right. Today. I have no idea why I chose this pic, so I'm running with it. It's Briar Rose Grandma's Blessing, and it's the prettiest color irl, but it's a strange amount for me - only 600 yards. Too much for just a scarf, not enough for a sweater. So, I'm thinking I'll do another Swallowtail, because I have them on the brain.

My lunchtime crochet friend, Miss L., has become very dear to me over the past months - She and Miss A. have lunch with me every day, and they're pretty special. Miss L. doesn't really knit, but is working very hard on completing a big crochet project with my help. I want to make something for her because I know she'd really appreciate it and she's NOT PUSHY. So, yesterday, I told her to pick out a color from the Knitpicks catalog that came in the mail, and I ordered yarn to make up either a Swallowtail or an Annis. I also asked that she not tell Psycho Hat Lady, because of what's been going on.

It turns out PHL said something to Miss L. a few weeks ago, about how she didn't think I would ever make something for her and that she'd just stop asking.

Like the whole thing is my fault. She's been alternately ignoring us all completely (including Miss L. and Miss A. who are her coworkers), and being sweet as honey. It's annoying, and I said as much to L.

Miss L. looked me straight in the eye and said, "Don't you dare make anything for anyone that you don't want to. That includes me. You do what YOU want, and don't worry about anything or anybody else!"

(I have to mention that she's a grandma, and she's wonderful, and she's like my second mama down here as well as a good friend ;-) )

So, I'm making a shawl for her. Not a hat for PHL, not a scarf for the other random cafeteria lady that asked me. A shawl, for my friend, who wanted something in a nice warm camel color to go with her winter coat.

And the rainbow one will be for me :-)

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