Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My heart is upside down.

Originally uploaded by Dr. Ellen
I took this picture the day before Dad showed up for his visit, and was going to turn the cup around and take another, but decided not to.

I still don't quite understand the obsession with Thanksgiving down here ;-) but since this is the first year we really celebrated, and with another family member visiting, it's the first year for that dreaded post holiday let down.

I'm excited about Christmas, I've squirreled away ingredients for a whackload of cookies and things, but I'm feeling like I want to be back with the rest of the family...

More Christmas decorating, and some baking, and maybe that'll cure what ails me.


Kaye said...

Any holiday that allows you to gorge yourself and I can spend in a warm kitchen gets a pass in my book. But yeah, I do hate when people think we're weird for not having family down for T-giving. Ummm...I AM with my family!

Ellie said...

I KNOW - the nucleus of the 'family' HAS to change every generation or so, so why do people make us feel guilty? We may be small in numbers, but that doesn't make a difference - my boys ARE my family :-)