Thursday, November 11, 2010

Life happens, but so does knitting

Well, we had four students last night, and the breakdown was:

1 former crocheter, C., who wanted to learn to knit because it looks relaxing and she grips her crochet hook too hard (and gets numbness and pain)

1 present crocheter, L. who wanted to learn something new

1 former knitter (25+ years ago) (whose name escapes me) who wanted a refresher (and could never really cast on or bind off by herself)

1 present knitter, G., who knits from her memory and makes things up (very accurately, I might add) as she goes along.

So, I ended up teaching two people how to cast on and knit garter, reminded one how to knit and helped her cast on, and watched the last one whip out a swatch with three stitch patterns before I could blink twice, and work on a baby sweater that was GORGEOUS.

I'm calling it a success. G. was there mainly for the social aspect, and thought I 'might know how many stitches to cast on for a woman's sweater', since she's never actually done a full-sized one. I told her we'd work on finding her a pattern.

The rest of them were patient students, and didn't get frustrated at all. After an hour and 10 minutes, the two newbies had a few rows of garter and were going along without any assistance. C. ended up making a buttonhole by mistake, but decided that was OK :-)

The teacher who'd spearheaded the whole thing, D., couldn't make it last night because of illness, although she called up the director and was in tears because she was so disappointed. A lot of others had things come up, which is understandable. We're going to try and do it every week until Christmas, so I'm hoping to get a few more as we go along.

I have no pictures, because we were busy busy, but I'll try for some next week.

The best part of the whole night, though, was afterward. When I got home, N. (the consummate Daddy's boy), ran through the house, jumping up and down, yelling, "Mommy's home! Daddy, Mommy's home! Look Daddy! Mommy's here!!! MOMMY!!!!!!!!"

And now, I'm going to keep working; my knitpicks order arrived in the mail last night, so I want to start Miss L.'s Swallowtail at lunch today, which means I have to get media plates made ASAP so they can set over lunch.

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