Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm going to attempt the seemingly impossible...


October was super busy with lots of visitors, and we're heading into the cold winter months.... and, just like last year, I'm starting off sick, although I don't think it's as bad yet.

I'm theoretically employed for two more months, too... so I'll be able to blog from work. Weekends? Not so sure, but we'll see.

For today, I can report that I finished Hubby's hat and scarf while my mom was visiting last week, and am about halfway through a hat for N. I finally picked up blocking wires to do the scarf, and it came out wonderfully. The wires were totally worth the investment, and the Berrocco Ultra Alpaca blocks out nice and soft.

In an interesting turn of events, I'm somehow teaching a knitting class to N.'s daycare teachers next week. One of the girls commented on how she'd love to learn, and that she was sure she could find a couple of other teachers that might like to join in. I made a general grunt of agreement, and five days later was presented with a sign-up sheet containing 13 names. I'm sending them to my lys to buy supplies, so I hope they go and support a wonderful local business ;-)

Hubby looked at me strangely when I said I'd agreed to do it - why would I agree to teach 13 people how to knit, and I won't bother to bang out a quick hat for the crazy woman at the cafeteria? Well, I've spent time with a lot of these girls, especially when I was going to the daycare several times a day to breastfeed N.; they cover off each other's lunch hours and so a lot of them get to know the kids outside of their own classrooms pretty well. They're so good to the kids, and I know how much they love N. I also think the director (who's taking the 'class' as well) is looking on this as a team building exercise, and who am I to stand in the way of knitting taking over from paintball or golf as an accepted way to get to know your coworkers? ;-)

And now, alas, I'm going to find tea. I felt sick before Rhinebeck, but it seemed to go away... and then I felt sick the day before my mother showed up (the 22nd), and it seemed to go away again. Then the last day of her visit, it came back and hasn't left. I've already had to take out my albuterol inhaler, which usually doesn't happen until February. Boo. Boo. Boo.

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