Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Have paperwork, will travel?

The latest twist on this whole thing is a new one. I got my papers today, and they're valid for three months - until the end of January.

The thing is, we only have funding for two of those months at the moment. The department fronted me the extra month while waiting for that decision.

Which means we have a gentleman's agreement that, if the funding for the third month doesn't go through I will resign rather than holding the department responsible.

I wish it was the department that had been causing the problems up until this point, because I'd put the screws to them and force them to give me the third month. Thing is, they've been the most helpful, and I don't want to leave them in any worse of a financial state than they already are.

And, either way, we're not travelling on this set of papers, because whenever I try to travel with only a week or so left, I get hassled. So Merry Christmas to me :-P

In any case, today, I'm back at work after running around after said paperwork, and according to the email my boss sent me, I have two options: 1. Stay for the afternoon to help clean out the -80degree freezer (fun!) or 2. go home and nurse this cold that's rapidly becoming bronchitis.

I'm going to stick around for a bit and see.... I hate that I can predict when my colds change, but at least I was able to take it easy for the past two days. I felt yesterday evening that I was functioning on significantly reduced lung capacity (whine), but this morning it's a little better. I'm cheering myself up by deciding what to cast on next that's fun (besides the boring yet functional hat for my brother that's next in line), and thinking about the fact that it's Christmas soon. Which means baking cookies and decorating :-) I'm also debating making a shawlette for my lunch-time friend, because she takes care of me and she isn't pushy like psycho hat lady, and I like making shawls ;-)

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Kaye said...

Ugh. Suckage about the papers. And the cold. But on the plus side at least a little bit has been nailed down for at least a little bit.