Monday, November 8, 2010

Day on, day off, day in and day out.

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I'm not being paid today. I am, however, making media and preparing for tomorrow's experiment. 8 more weeks of this, with nothing else yet on the horizon. I'm not qualified to do animal care, which seem to be the only positions opening up lately. But, I'm remaining optimistic, and thinking that we can afford to keep N. in daycare for a few months, so I'm keepin on keepin on. And blabbering, it would seem. I'll try not to have 30 days worth of job-bitching posts...

This weekend, N. decided to *let* me put his new hat on his head for a few minutes in exchange for the swiffer-toy... he doesn't care for it (the hat, that is; he loves swiffering), although he really seems to like Daddy's. It's nice and warm, and I'm hoping to get the scarf finished soon.

I've done a bunch of snowflake ornaments, with at least 8 waiting to be pinned and bedazzled with one of my many colors of glitter. Sparkly makes me happy.

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Kaye said...

Yeah Dr. MS was never keen on the animals either. I hope you find something soon!