Saturday, October 2, 2010

I may be a little obsessed...

This is my collection of size 10 thread; most of it is Coats Royale, there's some Clea, and one ball each of size 20 and 30 for when I get adventurous. Somehow I managed to get three balls of forest green; I'm sure it has to do with Christmas coming up, even though it didn't all show up at the same time. There's also one ball of French pink that's halfway made into a pineapple doily. There's a huge ball of white on the bottom right there, because I got it for 75% off and I figure it could make several doilies or a gazillion snowflakes.

I started and finished a pineapple for an anniversary gift; my cousin and her husband are celebrating their 50th on the day Hubby and I celebrate our 5th. It's not gold, but I think it's pretty:

It took me 11 days of lunch hours and the occasional evening session...

And I will tell you more about it later ;-) Hubby is at a retreat today, and I think I have to go and explain again why goldfish crackers prefer being on the table rather than being crushed and dropped in. that. order. Sigh.

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