Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rhinebeck: I came, I saw, and I'm tired.

My photos are on the home laptop, so no pics...

I am still way too tired to try and be coherent, so I won't bother. It was huge. It was crazy busy. It was loads of fun.

I got a mug, some fleece, one hank of yarn, and sore feet. And loved every minute of it.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Busy busy busy

More radio silence... I guess it's just been busy.

We had a great (but way too short) visit with my Dad and brother and brother's girlfriend... which included some shopping, some fun, and then they made a quick getaway at dinner last Thursday evening. It's great to see N. get so excited when they visit, but on the flip side, he now knows (and doesn't like it) when they leave. Fortunately my mother is coming next weekend for a 9-day stay, and we don't have to waste (?) time shopping or driving around... it'll be easy-going and relaxed, I hope.

I'm also off to Rhinebeck on Friday, and am freaking out. I don't know what to bring to work on - I should try and knock out the hats for N. and my brother, but I want to work on something fun... but not too complicated, so I can walk and browse and observe while I'm doing it. Which pretty much means those hats, or else some crochet scarves. I'm mostly packed, but realized that the daycare potluck is tomorrow (my fault, since I've been ignoring emails), so tonight will be packing, yarn winding, hook finding, cookie baking, etc.

I managed to finish another doily, which I'll hopefully block before I leave, too. I'm trying not to think too much about it - it's the first time I'll be leaving N. overnight - I'm hoping he and Hubby have some fun at the museum.

The job situation is the same as always - waiting until last minute for a renewal... the crazy admin offices that were giving us trouble last time have begrudgingly agreed to approve another one should the funding come through, but somehow refuse to consider any future renewals. Which I think is BS, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. If I can remain employed until Christmas, it's gravy.

Signing off now, likely until post-Rhinebeck. If you see me, say Hi :-) With glasses and no make-up, this is what I'll look like (minus the kiddo) this weekend:

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A quiet day...

So, Hubby is still off on his departmental retreat, which is a big waste of time, imho; they used to do it over three days somewhere fun like Woods Hole, but are cramming it into one day in a university facility that's far enough away to be inconvenient, but near enough that it's not an overnight thing.

He was picked up very early, and on his way out he ran into Dad, Little Bro, and J.R., who were on their way down to DC for some touristy stuff and realized we were 2.5 minutes off the I95. We got to say hi while N. slept, and everyone took off and I settled in for our Mommy & Me day.

After watching 20 minutes of Cars (normally verboten in the morning), we packed up and walked to the museum... which is free for university staff, but turned out to be free for everyone today for a really great latina festival - it was PACKED. Poor N. was overwhelmed by the pepople and the music, so we tried to find quiet corners to look at stuff, then gave up; he stopped having fun, so we made our way out. A trip to the museum store for some dinosaur erasers, and off we went for lunch.

There's a really great diner locally that makes the best greek salad, and N. loves their chicken fingers, so we settled in for a bite; N. even sat in the booth with me instead of his usual high-chair, and loved it. It was pretty busy there too, but food is a great motivator ;-) On the way home we stopped into the LYS (but didn't buy anything!).

Once we were home, nobody but me wanted to nap, but I stuck with it, and he's been sleeping for 2 hours. I managed to get the bathroom cleaned, talk to my brother (who made it to DC), and got some crochet done. I'm taking only knitting with me to Rhinebeck, and simple, no-pattern-needed knitting at that. Which means, until then, I'm going to plug away at the more complicated crochet that I want to get done for Christmas.

I'm thinking now that I should've taken the opportunity to nap, but it was nice to putter in a completely quiet house. I think N. will be awake shortly from the sounds on the baby monitor, so I'm getting ready for a simple mac n cheese dinner (with fruit for dessert), and maybe a little more Cars :-)

I may be a little obsessed...

This is my collection of size 10 thread; most of it is Coats Royale, there's some Clea, and one ball each of size 20 and 30 for when I get adventurous. Somehow I managed to get three balls of forest green; I'm sure it has to do with Christmas coming up, even though it didn't all show up at the same time. There's also one ball of French pink that's halfway made into a pineapple doily. There's a huge ball of white on the bottom right there, because I got it for 75% off and I figure it could make several doilies or a gazillion snowflakes.

I started and finished a pineapple for an anniversary gift; my cousin and her husband are celebrating their 50th on the day Hubby and I celebrate our 5th. It's not gold, but I think it's pretty:

It took me 11 days of lunch hours and the occasional evening session...

And I will tell you more about it later ;-) Hubby is at a retreat today, and I think I have to go and explain again why goldfish crackers prefer being on the table rather than being crushed and dropped in. that. order. Sigh.