Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Har dee har har

Busted up my right ankle yesterday, just as the left one was finally back to normal after my injury in May. ouch.

Mom's cat, who had adapted to his thyroid issues, stopped being able to climb the stairs well, wouldn't jump up on her lap, and started missing his litterbox. Turns out he's severely arthritic (he's over 14), so they've given him a cortisone shot to try and manage his pain. If that perks him up, he can keep on keepin' on. If it doesn't... :-(

And, I just got a call from daycare - N. misjudged a distance on the jungle gym while playing this morning and cracked his nose. Luckily it was a crawling-under thing and not a falling-off thing, but he had a tiny nosebleed. It stopped, he's fine and happy and playing, but I have an incident report to sign later today.

I get it, universe. You're funny. I'll stop complaining so that I don't end up being handed something to really complain about.

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