Thursday, September 9, 2010

Boogity boogity.

Yesterday, PHL didn't show up... but I didn't knit because I was afraid she would, and I didn't need the stress. Today, she showed up while I was going gangbusters... and just looked. Didn't say a word.

Which is just fine with me. The scarf is now 35% done because I worked that much faster by not looking up from my needles.

No news on this job thing... I'm remaining cautiously optimistic that we can set up a meeting.

Also, tomorrow no one is paying me. No one paid me on Monday when I came in either. So, tomorrow afternoon if the weather is good, I'm going to the movies, dammit.

I'm also trying to realistically think about what things are going to get made in time to be mailed off for Christmas. I'm doing my brother a hat if it kills me, because he's been waiting years, and I want something (even if it's small) for my niece and my Goddaughter. That, and the hat/scarf sets for N. and Hubby. Anything else is gravy. Although since I won't be driving to/from Rhinebeck, but will be a passenger, I'll have time to knit then. I feel like such a sheep (heh) for being so excited to go, but I figure there are only so many years I'll be a short car-ride away. If it's too overwhelming, I won't go next year.

The only remaining question... what's my budget? ;-)

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