Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shoalwater Bay

Here's that cotton-rayon stuff I mentioned before... very pretty, very tough to photograph. It came with a simple feather-and-fan scarf pattern, so I decided to forge forward. It's totally slubby, which is pretty, but I'm not used to knitting with anything that's (a) not smooth, and (b) not stretchy. Hard to believe something so simple will be such a test for me. In any case, it gives a pretty result, so I'm going to try and plow through.

I'm also tentatively approved for a contract extension (quiet, theoretical "YAY"), so we're tentatively planning the drive up to see my family and MIL in August. Total driving time: 36 hours. Total time I get to drive: Zero. I can't drive a stick. Darn. Such a shame. I guess I'll have to get some more projects lined up. No more laceweight for the car, though; I learned that one the hard way.

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Bezzie said...

Ha ha! I never learned to drive a stick either. Icy hills and stick shifts in AK? I'm not that talented!

I can't wait to see that cotton/rayon knit up!