Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Counting chickens and all that crap.

So, hope all you northeasterners haven't melted. I'm at work all week - free air conditioning, dammit. I had to defrost my bedroom unit on Sunday - it wasn't cooling at all, and I opened it up to find a solid block of ice on the chiller grid. Never had to do that one before.

I managed to do some crochet this weekend while N. was splashing in his little wading pool. One of my big doilies called for flowers and leaves, so they're finally done; just need to sew them on. We had a quiet holiday weekend, going for walks early in the morning and late in the afternoon, grilled some burgers and shrimp (which were delicious, and N. refused everything we offered), and had some festive cupcakes.

Also, my boss retracted his "we're good to go on the grant renewal" statement and basically said we can't call it certain until the CEO signs the papers. Which means limbo. Again. Gah.

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