Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Closure? We don' need no stinkin' closure.

Do I have a job after next week? Search me. I have no sweet frikkin clue. No one tells me anything.

So, I knit.

Started, knit, finished, blocked a Swallowtail Shawl in 2 weeks. This thing is small, and cute, and did I mention small? No pics uploaded yet since Hubs is constantly writing papers in the evenings when I want to do laptoppy type things. Will I make another one? Hell yes. Did I just cast on another Evelyn Clark pattern? Yup, the Flower Basket Shawl, and I finished the set-up chart over lunch, after helping Ms. L. with her crochet. It's theoretically supposed to be my long-car-ride knitting project, but I a) wanted to get it set up whilst not in a moving vehicle and b) I have no idea if I'll be in a car anytime soon, so frig it. I have 900yd of a light fingering weight, and I'm hoping to get a slightly bigger shawl. And it is BRIGHT.

As for my next Swallowtail, I'm going to do at least two more. Ms. L. wants one, and I love her so much that I would actually consider making one for her. (Have I mentioned the other woman who works in the hospital caf that keeps harassing me for a hat? No? Details at a later date, but suffice it to say, woman ain't gettin' no damn hat from me. She's a pain in the arse.) I also want to do a really large one in a heavier weight - I've seen a few in Cascade 220 on Ravelry, and it looks totally doable, minus the 5-stitch nupps in that weight most likely.

And now, I have to do PCR with oligos I designed to a specific construct 7 months ago, and I can't find them in the original sequence anymore. They disappeared. I have no idea where the sequence came from. It's frigged up. Like everything else around here.

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