Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Busy little bee

I've been knittingknittingknitting, trying to distract myself from the fact that I still don't know if I have a job past two weeks. I'm also planning on our theoretical trip home, which is both good and bad in keeping my mind occupied.

I have gotten most of the way through the Swallowtail Shawl, and I love it, but fear it'll be to small. I highly doubt it'll block out to a 52"wingspan, but it's very pretty nonetheless. I'm enjoying the process so much that I went out and bought 900 yds of a really pretty fingering handdye to make another Evelyn Clark creation, possibly a mash-up of the Swallowtail and another one.

We have a lab cookout tomorrow for Hubby's lab, and I've baked donut holes so far, and will do a blueberry pie tonight if N. cooperates. He is squarely in the terrible twos now, and while I know on the whole he's still pretty darn well-behaved, baking doesn't happen until he sleeps.

More pics soon, hopefully. And an answer on the job. Sigh.

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Bezzie said...

Fingers crossed in the job situation. I hated that about research science. Now I'm finding educational science isn't any better! LOL!