Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday randomness

I ripped out my Aeolian from ages ago, because it was driving me nuts. I then cast on for Print o'the Wave, because I thought not having to keep track of the nutty increases and shift the markers would make it more palatable. Wrong. It's hibernating again.

My fabric arrived from, as scheduled. What a nice service. I'll definitely be using them again.

I set up my sewing machine on the little bedroom desk that hasn't been used as a desk in 6 months. So it's now a sewing table. We'll see how long I take before actually sitting down to work on something.

The BSJ is nearly done; a few more days should do it. Cuuute.

I'm giving a crochet lesson (WTF?) tomorrow... one of the cafeteria ladies always comments on my projects and stops to chat. And it turns out she can't figure out how to start a small circular motif. So, tomorrow we'll go over it :-) She also lent me her little pattern pamphlet, which was super nice of her.

I want to make another shawl, but I think right now my yarn weight limit is fingering. The laceweight is driving me nuts. I think I'll try Annis from the latest Knitty Surprise.... but we'll see.

And, alas, the bacterial cultures need tending... off I go...

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