Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stupid overgrown cultures...

I've been wrestling with cultures all day, and they're all growing at different rates and making my life extremely difficult... I'm so annoyed that my back hurts (a common stress symptom for me) and I can't even be arsed to go out to my full cup of coffee sitting outside the lab.

(on a somewhat unrelated note - that coffee could have disappeared... there's a thief that likes to take half-full dispo cups of coffee at random times during the day... not my super geeky and very cool beaker mug... that they leave alone, but they'll take a paper cup of thrice-reheated skanky coffee... very weird).

I spent my lunch break knitting on Annis (1.5 rows, baby!!) and helping out Miss L. with her crochet project... she's one of the cafeteria ladies that watched me do lots of different projects, and has been coming to me for help for a few weeks while she teaches herself granny squares ;-) very cute, esp. considering she's only been crocheting for a year, and has already done an afghan for her great-grandson.

So, I'll leave you with a cute kid pic, as I head back to those samples... this one I got from a classmate's dad, taken at the birthday party we went to over the weekend...

Originally uploaded by Dr. Ellen

ETA: I looked at this pic after I'd modified the color, and realized that I may have gone a little far. N. started talking about melange last night, and over the baby monitor at 10pm I heard, "The spice will flow..."

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