Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stockroom, here I come.

The actual, real, we-mean-business lab inspection is coming up on Friday, and I'm missing some crucial things... like cleaning supplies, for one. We have to show we're stocked up on bleach and ethanol for disinfecting, and I'm running dangerously low. I've just been putting off going to the stockroom because it's always crowded down there and I hate standing in line behind morons who can't understand why the staff won't give them thousands of dollars of chemicals when they're trying to use someone else's stockroom charge card. "But that person is in my lab, why can't you take the card?" Um, because we have no idea if you're telling the truth, we don't know the hundreds of people in this building all by name, you twit.

But, alas, I need chlorox and it sure ain't walking up the stairs by itself.

I did manage to knit a bit at lunch, and I'm really enjoying the process of Annis. Will I wear it? Have no idea. Is it fun to knit? Heck yeah.

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