Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New yarn with pictures to follow

Well, Hubby is adorable, and sweet, and felt bad for me because N. had a meltdown on Saturday AND Sunday, and consequently Momma had a meltdown... so when the girls from his lab went to the yarn store on Sunday, they came back with a skein of Shoalwater Bay cotton-rayon hand-dyed yarn... they asked for something that we couldn't get on the East coast, and they were told this stuff was dyed across the street from where they were.

It's so pretty, and I think it's the first cotton I have aside from kitchen cotton. I think I'm going to knit it up with the pattern that came with it, a pretty basic feather-and-fan scarf.

I also pinned out the Annis last night, and it's pretty cool. I'm miffed, though; it took ever-so-slightly more than half the skein of smooshy, which means I can't squeak a second one out... photos to come soon, I hope.

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Bezzie said...

Can't wait to see the cotton rayon!