Monday, June 14, 2010

More Monday Miscellany...

I don't feel well, I'm not getting paid today, and I can't do anything until my PCR finishes, which will be tonight at 8pm (I. do. not. think. so.) so I'm going to babble and then go for some ginger ale to settle my stomach... I ate something nasty from the caf (I should know better) and I'm paying for it.

Things I wouldn't have believed, didn't think would exist, or figure would matter in my world 10 years ago:

  1. Dishwasher detergents are not created equal. The fancy packets, while neat, don't work. Finish/Electrasol doesn't work. Cascade liquid does. I ♥ Cascade.
  2. I could eat broccoli soup all week long. If I had to choose between good broccoli soup and average-to-slightly-above ice cream, I'd take the soup.
  3. Getting up an hour ahead of your kid, while difficult, keeps the crazy dampened down.
  4. I can wear one pair of shoes 99% of the time and be relatively content.
  5. Mascara is a luxury.
  6. Being allergic to everything sucks. I miss strawberries.
  7. I bought a bike lock for a plastic red wagon. Seriously.


Liz said...

What kind of crazy PCR are you running girl? By my calculations that's at least four hours! That's a lot of knitting time, but... wow - are you PCR amplifying p53?

Ellie said...

I *may* have exaggerated just a squeak ;-) It's a long program, but I think it was finished at 4:30 pm... just the right timing for me to take it off, ice it, get set up for tomorrow, and go pick up the rugrat at daycare!
I used to do insane runs to amplify unknown targets up to 12kb, though. Those were awesome.

Ellie said...

Oh, and I totally didn't spend all that time knitting; we're getting ready to be inspected at some point in the next couple of weeks!

Bezzie said...

Yeah see everyone always thinks its the cops and firefighters and dr.s and nurses that work 24/7--no one realizes that the medicines they take, etc. were somewhere created by some lab person who couldn't get a night off. Science doesn't take a holiday!

Liz said...

12kb, that is hardcore, 1 minute of extension time per kb ...hmmm... yeah. I will stop whimpering about the year I spent cloning 4kb of a promoter. And No Bezzie, science never takes a holiday. Over worked, under paid, and no stability because we're grant funded... Good thing the bench work is so fun!

Ellie said...

The 12kb amplification was the easy part... it was the sequencing that was such a bitch. Fun to assemble when it worked ;-)
Science takes no holiday... and being a spouse of a scientist means you get no holiday most of the time either! Power to the science people!