Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lazy lazy lazy

I have no excuses.... well, that's not quite true. I was up until 1AM gluing together conference posters for Hubby and making sure he was all packed and ready to go; medical conditions require special planning on our end. Then this morning it was up early to make sure everyone was showered and fed and ready to be outside for the airport shuttle on the way to JFK.

The nice thing about the whole morning is that N. slept until an appropriate time (we got all the checking and cleaning and final things done before he woke up), and he was relatively well-behaved. We also showed up to daycare almost an hour earlier than usual.

I, however, have managed to piss that hour away because I had 4 hours of sleep and I'm moving at the speed of cold molasses. I also have a nasty swollen hive on my arm from some random allergy and my coffee is giving me heartburn.


Time to charge up the iPod, get the experiments going, and look ahead to some uninterrupted knitting time at lunch. I'm not sure what's at the caf, but since I didn't pack my lunch today (too much to juggle on the bus this morning), I'm hoping it's good. If it's nachos, I just might take the rest of the day off.

Oh, and here's a nupp-y pic... the DiC looks really nice with the nupps, and I'm keen to see it blocked out. I'm going to try and get it done by the weekend so I can block it before next week. Pardon the crappiness of the cellphone pic; the color is slightly washed out.

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