Saturday, June 12, 2010

The knitters have spoken...

And I'm feeling a little torn.

In the past few months, I've done some stashing, but the majority of it has been online shopping... Mom and I went to the new LYS when she was visiting, and had a great afternoon, though, and bought some yarn for a couple of small projects.

I also periodically ran into Silent Bob from the other, older LYS. I love talking with him, and feel guilty every time I do. He's great crack, but I'm still very adamant about spending my money where it's best spent, both for service and product. They started offering the odd class, and it seemed like they were making an effort, but it felt forced to me. The other day we drove by that store, saw a big "15% sale on all yarns" sign, and a smaller sign that said, "We're consolidating with our store in NeighboringTown USA, our last day will be June 12, 2010". So sad.

The new store seems to be doing fantastically well, to the point where they've hired a fourth staff member. I'm thrilled for them, because I love the store. The notions and accessories and gifts are wonderful, the yarn selection is fantastic, and the atmosphere is so warm and welcoming. When I buy there, I always feel like I'm getting good value for my money, and while some of those accessories are luxuries (admittedly), they're fun, and it's great to have the option.

I'm just sorry that the original store is closing... I shopped there on those first trips we took down here, doing interviews and giving job seminars. The store was my little stress-reliever. I'll miss S. Bob, and the store that was my little guilty pleasure when I first moved down here. But, I guess knitters around here are demanding and discerning. And it's a lesson - we have to support our local businesses when we can.

(On a totally unrelated note, I'm sitting here waiting for hubs to come home with our rental car for the weekend, and he's gotten stuck in the lab rescuing experiments... today is going to suck, I can just tell.)

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Bezzie said...

Survival of the fittest, sometimes that's how it goes!