Wednesday, June 16, 2010


My bagel was 6 hours ago. My diet pepsi was 3.5 hours ago. I might just be delirious... I need food, but have no money. I do know, however, that the hospital caf takes visa, and they're serving smack n cheese, which is second only to my own homemade. Although I would probably regret it.

We're getting a pre-inspection inspection at the lab tomorrow, which means we go nuts cleaning then they tell us what to clean, and we go nuts for the next week cleaning the new stuff. My boss hoards (bacterial culture media from 1982, anyone? How about a first aid kit with Unguentine from 1978?) and there's not much room to actually put away the stuff I need amongst the stuff that should go.

The good thing? I'm free to make myself scarce during the inspection, since I'm not responsible for the final outcome, and don't want to contradict anything that the boss says...

OK... time to clean so I can grab a snack before getting N.

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