Thursday, May 6, 2010


This week has been bad for the post-vacation blahs here at work, even though I didn't really even take vacation... my motivation flew out the window, and this morning is no better - I have to pick up N. at lunch because daycare is closing for a staff meeting, and it's been threatening rain all day. I'm hoping for an uneventful afternoon with a good nap, since he didn't sleep too well last night. And if not, well, we'll walk around the neighborhood until the rain starts.

If he does nap, I have to pack up some stuff to send to my mother, and then hopefully do some crafty organizing and puttering. I need to photograph a few things, and I want to re-do the bindoff on the Calorimetry. I also have to thread my sewing machine and take that baby for a test drive ;-)

I also need to get organized because I think we all managed to convince Dad to come down for a visit. My grandmother has had a couple of good days settling in to her new home in long-term care, and Dad needs to readjust to life where he's not penned in to one place nearly 24 hours a day. N. is being particularly cute and particularly feisty lately, so having one more pair of eyes will be nice. Maybe I can even get a little extra sleep.

And, since there are only a few more minutes before I need to grab a bite and get the kiddo, I'm signing off. Cross your fingers that the rain stays away.

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