Tuesday, May 18, 2010

No fractures!

Well, since yesterday was a quiet day (and I was still hobbling), I decided to go to health services and see if I couldn't get checked out. Thankfully it wasn't busy, and I was assessed, X-rayed, assessed, seen by an ER doc, and diagnosed with a bad sprain. So my treatment plan was right on, they gave me some more clips for my ace bandage (since safety pins aren't the best option), and off I went.

(We're not going to mention the fact that my asthma/bronchitis is back. Nope. Not going to even bring it up.)

But, for better or worse I'm at work today, and I'm going to try and get a protein extraction done. Standing for long periods isn't really an option, but the protocol has lots of downtime.

Oh, and in totally unrelated crafting news, I'm a yarn w#0re, not that anyone would be surprised by that. My mom finally gave the STR to my cousin a couple of weeks ago... from that big order that arrived back in March. I'd gotten My Blue Heaven for Mom, Fairgrounds and Bella Coola for my cousin, and Peek-a-boo Peony, Siren Song, Rabia, and Mermaid for myself. My cousin had managed to squeak nearly three socks out of her first hank of Fairgrounds, which is why she wanted the second, and Bella Coola was just for something different. She got in touch before Dad came down and has asked for more Bella Coola :-) Since she hasn't got the internet, and the prices are more expensive in CDN$, of course I'll order for her. I stuck on a hank of MW Goody Goody for myself, and one of MW Blue Moonstone. I don't know why I'm stashing so much of this... maybe I'm hoping more people will have babies and I can just churn out more BSJs and FBSs.

I'm totally on a craft supplies purchasing moratorium. Which sucks because I also love my new sewing machine and desperately want to buy a couple of fat quarter bundles and go to town. This is while I'm trying to get a full 8x10 counted cross alphabet sampler done, work, feed my kid, and keep a handle on the laundry.

Have I mentioned I'm crazy?


But, those cultures still need to be inoculated, so off I go....

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