Sunday, May 23, 2010

Last day of the visit :-(

Well, Dad took off this morning at 5:45am... hoping to get half the drive done today and to visit my brother and his family tomorrow. He has the STR for my cousin (which arrived yesterday) along with some fun things for everyone... some good weather, and hopefully he'll be home on Monday.

I hate hate hate how quiet the house is. Hubby has to be in lab all day today, so it's just me and N., and it's practically screaming in silence. We had a great week, though; not a single complaint. N. now has a new wagon, and a new tricycle, and a great block set which he'll get back when he learns not to put the small ones in his mouth :-) I also realized that this is the second or third trip where there's been no arguing, tension, or anything. I must be growing up, because I much prefer it this way. I spent too much of my twenties being contrary, and don't like to think of the time that was wasted.

On an unrelated note, I also finally got a pie plate this week and made my first apple pie ever. It looked like crap but tasted wonderful :-) I'm planning another for the potluck at daycare this week.

And, since N. is now saying, "Ow-sigh! Ow-sigh!" (outside), I may have to pack it in, get him ready, and go for a walk before the rain starts. I need to keep this ankle mobile - it's still giving me hell, and I don't want any permanent problems. Happy Sunday, everyone.

Papa and N., having a break at the aquarium yesterday.

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Bezzie said...

I hate the post-visit let down! I hope life returns to normal for you soon!