Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fabric does not belong in the craft supplies category....

Fabric counts towards sewing supplies, not craft supplies. Therefore it's not included in the craft supplies purchasing moratorium.


Just placed my first fabric.com order, and I'm keen to see how the service is... I've heard good things, so I'm optimistic. I needed a couple of extra things to go with the fat quarters I bought on the weekend to take my machine for a whirl. Today I did manage to get some counted cross done at lunch, and am a little over halfway done the project. People still walk by and look at me funny when I do cross stitch at work, but I find it hugely entertaining ;-) (both the funny looks and the cross stitching itself).

I also think I'm going to cast on something small to knit. I didn't find a pattern I liked to make that scarf for my brother, so I'll probably grab some of my STR and make a little sweater or some mittens to put into the future gift stash. I have a cardigan for myself that needs to be finished, but the pieces are to big and warm to work on in the heat, and it's all miles of mostly stockinette in purple. I feel like staring at lots of pretty colors for a while, instead of miles of the same thing. We'll see what I end up doing.

Random photo of the day:

This is one of the faces I get lately when I tell N. to smile ;-) Rather pirate-y and appropriate for an aquarium, non?

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